Thursday, March 9, 2017

The one with our weekend trip to Århus, Denmark

Last weekend we were in Århus, Denmark for two nights. My Danish friend Astrid lives there and invited us to come over and spend a few days with them. Århus is this years European Culture Capital and thus lots of things are going on. Also Århus is the second largest city of Denmark and quite interesting anyways. If you'd like to get some feel of Denmark without the tourist buzz of Kopenhagen then this is a perfect place to go.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The one with my easy-peasy DIY magazine holder for the bathroom (IKEA hack)

We have a very small bathroom. It has everything we need including a bathtub and a window but it's very small. Actually you can't even place a little bookcase or shelf there for some nice decorations or some reading material. For a long time I was thinking that this is just the way it is and didn't really come up with any idea. However, when the boyfriend and I were shopping I had an idea how to solve that little problem with an easy and cheap DIY. I love the result and thus today I will show you how to do this fast and simply IKEA hack.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The one with my DIY upcycled matching stationary items

My hole punch, tape dispenser, and stapler are of daily need for me and thus I don't like to always take them out of my drawers. However my old stationary items were very ugly and so I decided to send them to the "stationary spa". And they came back looking fresh and like new. Have a look for yourself:

Monday, November 21, 2016

The one with a winter chalkboard art inspired by the Gilmore Girls

Less than one week! Less than one week and then I , and so many other fans, are traveling back to Stars Hollow and stroll around the gazebo, have a coffee at Luke's, go food crazy with Lorelai, argue with Taylor, sip a Martini at Friday Night Dinner at Emily's (and sadly not Richard's anymore), rock to Lane's music, buy and read tons of books with Rory, get annoyed at Kirk, laugh with Babette and Miss Patty, cook risotto with Sookie with Jackson's veggies, piss of Michel, ... if you ever watched the Gilmore Girls you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't: Shame on you and start watching it right now! (Trust me on this one! It's great!)

As you can maybe sense I love the Gilmore Girls and if I could live in Stars Hollow even a "Trump USA" could not scare me away ;) So I think it's only logic that I designed a chalkboard art based on a Lorelai Gilmore quote, namely "I smell snow".

And tadaa here it is:

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The one with my DIY chalkboard and different chalkboard designs

In real life I'm a teacher and of course because of that I love all chalkboard things and blackboard printables available online. Thus I made myself a chalkboard for my hallway some time ago. It's a very easy DIY and I'm happy to share how I did it with you here.

The one with a restart in blogging

I'm back with an updated blog and new ideas. My friend of and I decided together that we should brush the dust off of our blogs again and rejoin the blogging community. Luckily my lovely boyfriend helped me to update my blog and was very patient with all my requests. We are not done yet but I will start using it again now. So I hope my old readers are still somewhere out there and new readers are finding their way to my blog. Leave me a comment!
And now it's "Happy blogging time!"


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The one when we did a sightseeing-walk through Balikesir

On the 22nd October last year Caro and I did a little sightseeing walk through Balikesir. I tooke photos of the main sights and also of typical sights in Balikesir. I hope you like the photos.
Am 22. Oktober letztes Jahr haben Caro und ich eine kleinen Sightseeing-Spaziergang durch Balikesir unternommen. Ich habe Fotos der Hauptattraktionen gemacht und auch typische Szenen in Balikesir fotografiert. Ich hoffe, die Fotos gefallen euch.