Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The one with my DIY upcycled matching stationary items

My hole punch, tape dispenser, and stapler are of daily need for me and thus I don't like to always take them out of my drawers. However my old stationary items were very ugly and so I decided to send them to the "stationary spa". And they came back looking fresh and like new. Have a look for yourself:

Everyone who knows me or ever has been to our apartment knows that I like to be surrounded by a clear and clean environment. I might not be very good at keeping it that way but I enjoy the look of it and the energy it has. Especially modern Scandinavian design is one of my favorites. With the rainy and grey weather in Hamburg it adds a bit of sunshine and freshness to every room and brightens my mood. Of course I'd like that in every room - including my study. However it seems that most producers of office supplies think more about the regular work office then about us people who'd like to have a stylish yet affordable office at home. So after spending years of starring at my ugly office supplies and being on the hunt for good looking ones, I gave up and decided to try to update them myself. All you need is your old office supplies, some cleaning products, spray paint, and patience (not my strong point ;) ).

Clearly you can see what I mean. These ugly office supplies just don't work for me. So one sunny day in spring I took them out on the balcony, covered up our outside table with some old carton, and got to work.

First I cleaned them with some alcohol containing cleaning product. This way the paint will stay better on the old office supplies. Afterwards I used my regular spray paint and gave my old supplies a new, fresh look.

I sprayed all of them a couple of times, letting them dry in between layers. Note that the paint will not stay on rubbery or bendable parts of the supplies (like the lower part of my hole punch) - so make sure these are in a color you are fine with. Although I'm not really good at the whole spraying-thing and I had some drips every now and then, I'm quite happy with the result. A cheap and easy way to get a nice look for the office - and customizable for every taste.

I think that my updated desk equipment looks very nice next to the Yankee Candle which I got from my boyfriend's mom for Christmas - white linen ... my favorite scent :)

What do you think about this DIY? Will you update your office supplies? Which color are you going for?

Love to hear from you,


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